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Low Waste, High Reward

I mentioned in my last post that I would discuss how my own wedding will adhere to some of the sustainability practices I preach! No, I won't be sewing my own dress, serving vegan food, or getting my floral from the farmer's market (all great things, though!). Just like every other bride, I have a vision and a few areas where I am not willing to compromise on. With that, I will just do the best I can to carefully select my vendors and seek alternatives whenever possible.

Floral - I plan to use a foam-free, locally sourced florist! I think flowers elevate the space, so I don't plan to "skimp" for the sake of cost or sustainability. However, I will be reusing flowers throughout the night (ceremony backdrop to head table piece?), opting for minimalistic bud vases and reusable potted plants (fun!) as centerpieces, and of course donating all the floral afterwards.

Dress - Another area I was not willing to compromise on, yet with a little research I found my DREAM dress that was ALSO made in the US! You get what you pay for people... I did visit a wonderful local shop where the Owner hand makes her designs with sustainability sourced silk! Although that was not the design I chose, I can appreciate brides that opt for really taking their wardrobe to the next level.

Food - With my dream venue came a preferred caterer, although I would have loved to use a local option from my preferred list! Paying a tad more for locally sourced meat, veggies, cheeses, etc. is almost always an option. You don't know unless you ask! There is so much food waste in the wedding industry. Ask your caterer about a food waiver!

Dishes - Using real ceramics and silverware from the caterer is a must. Opting for wooden toothpicks to serve appetizers instead of plastic forks is also important. When it comes to dessert and late night snack, it's compostable silverware and plates all the way. Absolutely no one would know the difference!

Stationary - Save the Dates will go out on recycled paper and include a link to our wedding website to RSVP online. Absolutely no ceremony pamphlets, menu cards or place cards! The wedding party will be listed on our website and a board will take the place of place cards. Zero unnecessary paper and plastic, that is one thing I'll be very strict on.

Decor - For the most part all of the decor will be my own that I rent out for weddings! Some decor from the florist, some added decor I'll find on Facebook and add to my inventory, and maybe some lounge pieces will be rented. Word of advice: before you go trigger happy buying all this gorgeous decor to bring and set up, think "what will tear down be like?" Guarantee you will want it simple now!

All in all, we plan to reduce waste and make smart alternative choices to traditional products. Finding a few areas where you can compromise is all nature asks for! Most couples are stuck thinking "It's just one day" in regards to the waste produced. Now...if every couple thinks like that, how much will that compound!

Photo: JMark.Photography

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