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2.5 Million Weddings...Did I Hear That Correctly??

2022 is turning out to be the busiest year for weddings since the early 80's! There's no surprise that couples are constantly getting the "I'm sorry, but I'm booked on your day" canned email when reaching out to venues and vendors.

My best advice for couples searching for vendors is similar to advice I abide by when thrifting. If you like it, jump on it. It probably won't be there if you come back to it.

Find a photographer you REALLY love that is also AVAILABLE and IN BUDGET? Book them. None of this "well, let me think for a case something better comes along." That will just lead to disappointment.

Ask the vendor to hold the date for a few days so you can sleep on it. Most are able to do that!

Vendors that can execute multiple weddings in a day (florist, caterer, rental companies) are not tip top priority. Instead, vendors that may only execute only 1-2 weddings a week (photographer, DJ, wedding planner, videographer) should be your first priority. After the venue, of course.

There is no "magic timeline" of when you should be booking these vendors. Understanding order of importance will help you not get overwhelmed. Why not say your goal is to book 2-3 vendors a

month? Once you have your date and venue locked down, my order of importance goes:

  1. Planner

  2. Room Blocks

  3. Photographer/Videographer

  4. DJ

  5. Dress

  6. Caterer

  7. Hair and Makeup

  8. Officiant

  9. Florist

  10. Caterer

  11. Transportation

  12. Rings

  13. Dessert

  14. Rentals

  15. Stationary

Under my Sustainability tab I do have recommended vendors in a handful of these categories! I am always open to a la carte planning, which may just mean finding a few of your perfect vendors!

Photo Credit: Tara Draper Photography

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