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Easy Alternatives to Paper & Plastic

Wedding waste is absolutely astronomical. As in averaging 400 pounds astronomical.

Don't believe me? Read many of the ARTICLES on wedding waste for yourself!

Every little bit counts. It may not feel like it, but compare it to other things in life.

Starting a new healthy diet? Adding in one salad a day makes a difference.

Training for a marathon? Have to run a mile first!

Saving for a wedding? Putting change into a jar for a year makes a difference.

That being need to do a no-waste, outdoor, vegan, second-hand wedding to make it feel like you're making a difference. Small things such as donating foam-free floral, shopping local for favors, foregoing ALL the unnecessary paper, using compostable appetizer plates instead of plastic, recycling. These small steps will help save money, waste, the amount of clean up after the big day!

Let's play a game of "Instead of This, Do That."

End goal? Save money, reduce waste, give back!


Instead of this... Do this...

Individual menu cards

Menu signage

Total Savings for 200 guests ~ $150

Plastic Plates

Compostable plates

Price in bulk is comparable!

​Plastic Straw

Compostable straw

Priced higher, but keep straws out of landfills! Ask bartenders to not automatically put straws in drink unless asked to.

​TOO much paper for invites

​Paperless Invite, such as Paperless Post

Total savings for 200 guests ~ $400+

Ceremony Pamphlet

​Wedding party & ceremony info on website

Total Savings for 200 Guests ~ $150

Koozie Favors

Edible favors, favors that give back, shopping local, or NO favor at all - just an open bar :)

More favor ideas on the SITE!

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