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Is Planning Your Own Wedding Easy?

I completely understand the stress of wedding planning, but when it came to planning my own, I knew exactly what I wanted and what vendors I was going to book. The biggest stressor so far has been budget and outside opinions! I think every bride can relate...

What Is The Vision For My (Fine, Our) Wedding?

Couples get so focused on the darn details! Are the centerpieces staged properly, do I have equal amount of candles per table, are the guests wearing the proper attire, will my officiant say my name wrong! There is SO much to worry about when you put this much pressure on your day!

If you had asked me before I was a wedding planner, I would have told you these thing mattered a whole bunch. That's because you have ONE day for your life to be absolutely perfect. Not necessarily true, but to a stressed out bride you can't convince her any different.

Now I feel more comfortable asking myself (and my couples), "How do you want your day to feel? What is your overall vision?"

For me that is lively, summery, modern and unique. Everything I do and all the vendors I book align with that feeling.

A Friday wedding, evening ceremony, live ceremony music, non-traditional bridesmaid attire, vibrant floral, hors d'oeurves in place of a seated meal, laid back and flirty wedding dress and makeup, outdoor space, personalized notes to every guest, great entertainment, etc! It all fits with my "vision." do I want the day to feel? I would like to feel nushed yet never bored. I especially don't want my guests bored! I would like to feel beautiful. I would love my guests to feel cared for with personal touches and quality time. I would love tons of dancing with my now husband (surprising how rare couples dance together on their wedding day). I would like to feel at ease with my choices, the guests I have invited, and knowing that the end goal of getting married happened.

The "vision" and "feel" of the day should be what drives your timeline, vendor selections, budget, etc! What is MOST important! I guarantee perfection isn't number one on the list :)

I can't wait to post more about the wedding planning process, because boy have I made a dent! I also plan to dive into how I plan to incorporate sustainability into my wedding. It's not easy when you care a lot about something that family and fiance just say "eh" to. That's overcoming a challenge, but I assure you there are so many easy ways to sneak sustainability into your day.

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