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Pinterest: Friend or Foe?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

I have heard before that Pinterest is the enemy of designers and brides' budgets everywhere. Pinterest is the best "launch pad" out there, in my opinion. Yet the worst for creating vision boards.


Pinterest often caters to overly extravagant events. It is full of carefully curated styled shoots nearly impossible to replicate for the masses. Stylized elopements, celebrity weddings, and budget-squashing ceremony backdrops designed merely for a Pinterest post. Once these ideals are plastered on your wall to stare at for 2 years, the end result may be...lackluster.


Well, Minnesota weather. Sourceable floral. Guest count. Your body shape and hair texture. The aesthetics and amenities of your venue. And the biggie-budget.

Not to say your florist won't create a ceremony backdrop to gush over, or your off the rack dress won't be jaw dropping, or your country club won't look like it's out of Palm Springs. All I'm saying is that holding your wedding to "Pinterest standards" simply leads to...

High expectations, budget-friendly execution.

It's so tricky though! What is the first thing your decorator or florist ask for? A Pinterest board!!

So how do we overcome this?

Pinterest: Very helpful in the beginning! Find your color scheme, maybe a few flowers you are drawn to, different styles of dresses, your wedding "theme."

Vendor/Venue Websites and Their Social Media: THIS will show you what your vendors/venue is truly capable of! When booking your venue, look at their "real wedding" gallery. Similar to photographer, florist, etc. Send screenshots of previous work that your vendor has done and discuss small changes to make your own. Incorporate a few Pinterest photos to help match color scheme. Don't be afraid to ask for a few photos from real work they have done to show you how far your budget gets you!

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