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Keep it Local 

Tip #1

There are many local caterers that focus on sourcing local, which is beneficial in that it helps local farmers, and also cuts down on travel time of foods. This ensures the freshest food possible, and emits less pollutants versus a cross-country trip!

Beef, poultry, dairy and produce will be among the easiest to source locally, but can be affected by season. Of course, it may not be an option to have an entirely locally sourced meal. Instead, ask your caterer what they are able to source locally at the time of your wedding. Incorporate asparagus in June, brussels sprouts in November, and strawberries for dessert in July!

Another simple way to support local businesses is to source local beer and wine. Most venues that provide bar services have the option for local beer on tap. Venues can source wine, or if BYOB is an option, consider supporting a local winery and treating your guests with local wine. Minnesota has nearly 200 breweries, wineries and cideries. How fun would a brewery tour "taste test" be?

Let's chat  about local caterers that focus on fresh Minnesotan foods!



Give Back

Tip #2

Over 130 billion pounds of food is wasted every year in the United States alone. Caterers on average make a 3% overage, in case of a spill or additional guest. Often, the leftover appetizers, entrees and desserts is astonishing. 

Ask your caterer if guests can take home leftover food. Often times the answer is unfortunately "no" due to their health code. To cut down on waste, opt for a plated meal to control portion sizes over a buffet. Reduce the number of choices as well, such as grass-fed beef or eggplant lasagna only. 

Discuss early with your caterer that you would like to donate excess food to the local food bank or shelter. Cold or warm items work best, so take that into account when planning your meal. Items that are not already plated can often times be donated. This bit of extra work goes a long way in feeding your community, and I'm here to help!


Vendors To Consider





-Apples 2 Apples Catering

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