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Coming Home With You!

Tip #1

Give your flowers a second life by incorporating potted plants into your floral vision so you can take home and replant! Especially with succulents, these potted plants might just give you the unique and refreshing twist you were looking for. 

I would be happy to help round up the plants come the end of the evening and ensure they are safely brought home-that's my job!

Give Them a Second Life

Tip #2

More often than not where do the beautiful flower arrangements, that you paid thousands of dollars for and the florists worked hours on creating, end up? The dumpster behind the venue as the family is in a rush to clear out of the venue by midnight. 

Planning ahead will allow your flowers to create joy in someone else's life for the next few weeks. Local churches and nursing homes are always open to floral arrangement donations. 

The florist often asks for their vases back, so come end of night, I would be happy to help transfer bouquets and arrangements into Dollar Store vases to be delivered to a good cause.

Ask me about my favorite organizations for repurposing wedding floral!

Small Details Add Up

Tip #3

Well... this tip is a hodgepodge of small ideas that can in turn make a big difference. 

Of course, choosing in-season floral will save you tons of money and ensure the freshness of your floral. 

A huge "no-no" is floral foam, which thankfully many florists are straying away from! The toxic makeup of floral foam takes hundreds of years to decompose (and gets so yucky on your hands!). Opt for easy alternatives such as chicken wire and pin frogs to hold the flowers in place!

Let's chat about some great local and national flower companies that focus on sustainability!

Vendors to Consider

-Minne Floral Co - Sustainable Florist

-Cosmos Foral - Sustainable and Foam Free

-Pansy Floral - Foam Free Floral

-Miller House - Foam Free Floral

-Foxglove - Sustainable Florist, Dried Floral

-Pressed Flower Shop - Floral Keepsakes

-Poppy & Press - Floral Keepsakes

-Blubirds & Blooms - Floral Donation 

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