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Get Outside!

Tip #1

Having your wedding outdoors as much as possible minimizes electrical use for one simple reason-natural lighting! This also cuts down on energy used for air conditioning and heating. 

If your wedding is in the winter, Minnesotans understand that an outdoor wedding is not feasible. Consider an earlier start-time, so your ceremony takes place indoors while natural light is still available. 

Ask me about some of my favorite outdoor venues-perfect for any time of year!

Don't Go the Distance

Tip #2

Consider hosting your ceremony and reception in the same spot, or at least a short walking distance from each other. This will cut down on transportation time for your guests and cost to you (unless you're set on a party bus! Maybe opt for a Pedi-Cab instead :) Another idea is hosting your big day close to family and friends, rather than a long driving distance. 

Your average car emits ~400 grams of Co2 per mile. Co2 is naturally occurring greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere, and necessary to sustain life on the planet. However, the over-abundance of Co2 is one of the many factors leading to warming. 

Ask me about beautiful local venues that have both an ideal ceremony and reception spot!


Recycling is a Must!

Tip #3

Would you believe it if I told you I've been in venues before that "claim" they recycle, but when the day is done and the guests are gone, just toss everything in the trash for convenience!

Recycling is oh so important for the eco-conscious couple. Recycling cuts down on the need to extract natural resources, it saves energy which cuts down on Co2, it reduces water pollution associated with processing raw materials, and reduces landfill waste!

Simply asking your venue if they recycle sometimes isn't enough. 

Is your venue on a large plot of land? Maybe they compost, too!

Ask me about which venues take waste-management seriously, and I would be happy to discuss further on tours!

Venues to Consider

-PAIKKA - Offers a fully sustainable package at a discount! *Realm Planning is a preferred vendor! 

-Silverwood Park - Reducing waste is in the contract!

-The Luminare - Partners with sustainable vendors! *Realm Planning is a preferred vendor! 

-Machine Shop - Offers recycling and composting!

-Catalyst by Nature Link *Realm Planning is a preferred vendor! 


-The Whim

-Woodhaven *Realm Planning is a preferred vendor! 

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